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One of the most powerful web statistics packages available! Track who browses your website down to the time and physical street address.


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Getting useful, actionable information about visitors to your website is important for any business. We have the right solution just for that.

Web Traffic Analysis

If you are wanting something rather more advanced than the basic Google statistics, Tab Webstats could be the powerful, yet incredibly cost-effective web traffic analysis tool for you.

Unlike many web stats packages, we can track every single visit to your website, down to the exact date and time of the visit, where the visitor was referred from (ie what link they clicked to get there), and whether or not they are using a mobile device. In many cases, we can even pinpoint them down to the street where they browsed your website from, and, if a corporate visitor, which company they were from.

We can report on the efficiency of your meta tag keywords and content of your website. All our data is collected without the use of putting cookies onto the visitor's machine, and our data collection is compatible with all browsers.

All your data is accessible via our extremely user-friendly dashboard. Our reports are easy to understand and act upon, without getting boggged down in terminology of "KPIs" and "metrics". View your reports on screen, or download them as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets.

And our prices are extremely competitive too! Starting at just £10 per month, we can provide detailed, actionable information within the budget of the small business.

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