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Welcome to Tab IT solutions - a modern IT company dedicated to making businesses, small and large, make the most from their IT and keep their business running smoothly and efficiently.

Your business - run your way - efficiently

When you are running a business, you want to devote your time and energy to working with your clients and boosting your turnover, not wasting effort in looking after your IT or getting bogged down internally trying to find information in various different places, and trying to get things done.

The right IT solution for you

Working with our clients, we provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to their requirements. Business management software - PC and mobile apps - written bespoke or tailored specifically for your organisation and how you work. Our specialised outsourced IT support services can deliver expert on-hand IT support whever you need it. And our data-mining and data analysis skills can help you get the most out of turning your internal data into profitable, business-building actions.

Our people

Our people are more than just software writers and computer technicians. We are creative, energetic problem-solvers who will work with you to identify your needs and put the right solutions in place for you. We have a passion for excellence and get a buzz from helping you achieve your goals. Between us all, we have many years experience, not just in IT, but in business generally; we have a well-rounded view of business life.

The solution for YOU

When you come to us, you won’t just get a "one-size-fits-all" off the peg solution. You’ll get something tailored specifically around the way your business works and what your business needs.

You’ll get support not from an anonymous helpdesk, but directly from the people who built the systems and wrote the software.

Above all, our prices are extremely affordable for the small business. Which means that the IT solution you need to grow your business efficiently may be a lot cheaper, quicker, friendlier and nearer than you think.

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