Workplace solutions
Workplace solutions to keep your business moving
Workplace Solutions

A range of workplace management solutions and IT support for your business
Software Solutions

Business management software written bespoke or tailored specifically to your individual business
Server Solutions

Reliable cost-effective server hosting and secure databases all based in the UK
Business Solutions

A range of services including Web Design, Business IT support & SEO optimisation
Workplace Solutions
Remote PC Health & Repair

Tab Healthfix allows our engineers to remotely maintain the health of your PCs and laptops, and even carry out repairs to your equipment. A highly affordable alternative to employing full time IT support personnel, and definitely a more efficient alternative to spending hours of your valuable time trying to get your IT equipment to work.

Secure data backups

Never worry about losing valuable information. Tab Replicate automatically backs up all your important information securely on our server.

Our range of workplace solutions means that your computers are healthy and serviced, and all your internal data is backed up and secure.

IT Support and PC Health

Ideal for the small to medium sized business which does not want the expense of employing a full time IT support team, but also doesn't want the headache of looking after and fixing all their computers.

We cover everything from computer repair when things go wrong, to "spring cleans" to keep your equipment running efficiently.

Each IT support package is tailored to each of our customer's needs and can cover everything from callouts to telephone support. Using our remote dial-in software, we can fix most PC issues remotely on the same day without the need for a callout!

  • Reduce costs - you pay a small monthly fee for when you need us rather than paying for someone full time
  • Our expertise - we have many years in working in IT support and computer repair & maintenance
  • Focus on running your business - don't spend all day trying to sort out IT issues when we can do it for you
  • Heath checks and issue avoidance - ongoing maintenance and health checks, which we can carry out remotely, can prevent issues even occurring
  • Access to advice on the latest technology and best solutions for your business.

Backup your data securely

Many businesses prefer to store their important data on hard drives in their office rather than storing it somewhere "in the cloud"

We understand why this may be preferable. But - having taken this approach, have you given any thought as to what would happen if something went wrong - a hard drive malfunction, a water leak, a fire, an accidental delete ...

Making secure backups of all your files is time consuming - time which you need to be spent on running your business. And can you say, hand on heart, that you always remember to perform backups as regularly as you should?

Tab Replicate is the ideal solution. It automatically backs up your files to a secure UK server, in the background, and at time to suit your business (off-peak hours for example). which means that if any disaster does strike, you can be up and running again in next to no time.

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