Never worry about losing valuable information. Tab Replicate automatically backs up all your important information securely.

Many businesses prefer to store their important data on hard drives in their office rather than storing it somewhere “in the cloud”

We understand why this may be preferable. But – having taken this approach, have you given any thought as to what would happen if something went wrong – a hard drive malfunction, a water leak, a fire, an accidental delete …

Making secure backups of all your files is time consuming – time which you need to be spent on running your business. And can you say, hand on heart, that you always remember to perform backups as regularly as you should?

Tab Replicate is the ideal solution. It automatically backs up your files to a secure UK server, in the background, and at time to suit your business (off-peak hours for example). which means that if any disaster does strike, you can be up and running again in next to no time.